Oh woe the irony of regret,

Because I ask, which do I prefer,

A spoken truth, that can bring peril,

Or one held, left untold and safe,

Embracing an uncertainty to come.




Your stories yet untold,

And your ink yet to dry,

But in the midst of all the noise,

Your momentary calm.


Your treasures may be many,

But your uncertainty I hate,

Anxious for what you hold,

And still, you remain my fate.


My labyrinth

Lost within myself I become, 

Lost within my mind, my labyrinth, 

Where every turn I see myself, 

And every shade of my thoughts. 


Down an endless path without a beginning,

Where every step is a choice, 

Of mine, and at every centre, 

Is another start. 


To My Future

To my future,

I loved you, despised you,

Your mysteries are plenty,

Your promises are few,

Your stories, already written.

An Hours Dream

For that one moment, I ask myself,

If I could, would I,

Would I make an hours dream,

A reality of a lifetime,

Or cherish it,

An untarnished memory of a forgotten hope.

Defiant Smiles

Their defiant smiles – masking their hurt,

In the face of tyranny, a smile so innocent,

A smile, from the hurt all attention it averts,

Their sorrows invisible in an instant.


A child with hope in his eyes, holding back tears,

The courage of today,

Despite haunting visions, overcomes all fears,

In a black darkness, the bright shining ray.


Their smile, so beautifully deceiving,

Their hurt chested, hidden away,

And yet, no stop to their believing,

Their land, and they demand to stay.


Return they will, to every corner of their home,

No more blood, No more cries,

Rebuilt through struggle, let it be the envy of Rome,

We deserted them, but now they shall rise.


In the face of ignorance, their smile will continue,

Steadfast, their hope never died,

To themselves, to their people they remain true,

And god will always be on their side.


A smile so wide, wider than the river Nile,

There they stand, heads up, with their defiant smile.


Silver Tongued Lies

A silver tongued lie, so pure,

Leaving a blemished truth,

And the embraced lie,

Is now truth.


The mind and heart, judge and jury,

A single conqueror,

One of painful realisation,

Or blissful ignorance.


A spoken lie, a shame,

A burden carried for some, not others,

But it’s naïve belief,

Remains a tragedy.



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